Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Autobiographical Big Book - Introducing Mrs. Thomas

As the school year is coming to a close, I am thinking of ways to improve the next school year, and how to spice things up in the classroom!  I like to have a to do list of things I want to work on over the summer (that I never finish!).

This summer, I am going to be updating my big book.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
In college, I had to create an autobiographical big book in one of my courses.  It was assigned by one of my favorite professors, and she promised we would be SO glad we had it once we finished.  Boy, was she right!!  I treasure this book!  And so do my students!

I read it on the first day of school each year to introduce myself to my kids.  The kids are SO engaged!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
After that, it goes in my book center and the kids are always DYING to take a closer look at all of the pictures.  They read it over and over.  In fact, the whole back page has fallen off - that's going to need to be repaired this summer as well!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
It has all kinds of information about me that lets them into my world outside of the classroom so they can start feeling a connection to me.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
 It often takes a while to read it because they ALL want to tell me about their similarities to me.  I love it because it breaks the ice and gives me insight into their worlds as well.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
Since creating my big book, I have had my twins and been on lots of adventures that I'd like to add to my big book.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
I assembled it by punching holes in the side and using 1" binder rings to bind it.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
It is a huge book.  I created it on full size poster-board.  I bought a pack of cute scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby that I thought looked bright and cheery that could go with anything I might want to add to my book.
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
I really recommend making your OWN big book for back to school!  It was super fun going down memory-lane looking back through all of my childhood pictures!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
I even included a page with my school picture from each year - Kindergarten through my Senior year in high school!  No matter what grade I teach, the kids can see what I looked like when I was their age....and make fun of my awful hair!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
The last page has reflective paper so they can see a picture of themselves in my book and know that THEY are the reasons I do what I do!

You could easily use half sheets of poster-board instead of full sheets.  I just wanted my pictures to be nice and large to share with a class whole-group.  When writing my book, I decided to write about my life from when I was a baby until I finished college.  I just highlighted some events - obviously a whole autobiography would be too long.  Also, I'm not that interesting!

What to include in YOUR big book!:

  • Pictures of your hometown
  • Pictures of your college
  • Favorite foods/drinks/candy
  • Favorite vacations
  • Your family members
  • Your pets
  • Hobbies
  • Future dreams
  • Special occasions
  • Accomplishments
  • Holidays
  • Traditions
  • Pictures of yourself as a child
  • Pictures of yourself when you first started teaching
  • Favorite books

The sky is the limit with this book.  Feel free to leave comments or questions!


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