Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Currently

Ok, I know what you're's bad blog etiquette to make two posts in one day.  Y'all - I have to!  It was Five for Friday AND Currently!  I love them both!  SO - if you don't mind reading this blogging faux pas, check it out!

Thanks Farley for the April Currently template!

Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

What are YOU up to currently?!  I'd love to read your comments below!


  1. It sounds like your life is just as busy as all the other teachers I work hubby always tells me that I have to learn how to shut my brain down at times, so that I can relax...but I'm still working on that.

    Enjoy your day with your babies! Mine are all grown up, but I still make time to hang out with them (and a grandbaby) as often as I can!

  2. I was cracking up at the Comic Sans! I do remember when it was the only fun font out there! Now there are so many cute fonts from which to choose it takes me longer to choose one than to actually make whatever I'm working on!
    I do like that you jazzed yours up with the fun colors!
    Enjoy your day off Monday with your babies!

  3. Hah my kids always try getting me to use Comic Sans as well

    I would love a day off right now haha

    I like the colors :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  4. I can't download cute fonts on my school computer and it drives me crazy...but I still try to avoid Comic Sans!

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