Saturday, February 7, 2015

2nd Grade Got Me Where I Am Today...

...well, not when I was IN 2nd Grade, but when I got to TEACH 2nd Grade.  When I moved from 3rd Grade to 2nd Grade, I volunteered to plan math for our team.  I figured out pretty quickly I LOVED planning math!  I had found my niche and I wanted our math plans to be fun, engaging, and challenging for our 2nd graders.  I had not found TeachersPayTeachers yet, but I did have Pinterest!  I began searching our math topics and found all kinds of great ideas from teachers around the country.  This really got my wheels turning and helped me see outside of the textbook-box.  I began creating more and more activities to go along with our lessons and the kids were loving them!

I love being a teacher, but my next goal is to be a math specialist at the elementary level and eventually become a district math curriculum coordinator. Since deciding that, I have shared my goals with our A.P. who was a math specialist herself, and she has been very helpful and supportive of my goals.  I got to become a part of our campus Math Committee.

I have also been lucky enough to get to know our district math curriculum coordinator.  She has helped get our district to be 2nd in the metroplex in math.   I have been helping make activities and curriculum based assessments for our district, I've gotten to present at our Summer Curriculum conference.  She has been awesome in letting me do things for our district and has invited me to present at our Summer Curriculum conference again this summer!

I began my Master's program this past Fall and am scheduled to graduate in March 2016.  So say a little prayer, cross your fingers, and/or send good thoughts and vibes my way!  (Whatever floats your boat!)  Look out math world - here I come!

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